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Recent Followers

Find out who followed or unfollowed you on Pinterest recently. Unfollow your recent unfollowers or follow back your recent followers.

Unfollowers list

Find all those Pinterest users whom you follow but who do not follow you back. Unfollow them right from the dashboard. Find your fans and mutual friends on Pinterest.

custom lists

Add Pinterest users to whitelist whom you do not want to unfollow or add them to blacklist if you do not want to follow them ever.

schedule and publish

Reach out to your target audience across different timezones by scheduling Pins. Upload pins in bulk and save time .


Pinterest marketing and growth tools for individuals and enterprise alike
Pinterest follower management, analysis, discovery and scheduling tools
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Find out Un-followers

Pinterest users whom you follow but who don't follow you. Decide whether to keep following them or unfollow them right away.

Discover your Fans

Pinterest users who follow you but you don't. Follow them and return the favour.

Find your Mutual Friends

Pinterest users who follow you and you follow them too. You might want to unfollow a few of them though.

Schedule Pins & save time

For effective marketing, you must Pin when your audience are most likely to see them. Schedule pins and reach out to maximum followers.



Allowed Profiles2
Daily follow/unfollow Limit 30
Light use starter plan for individuals.


Allowed Profiles3
No limits on follows/unfollows
$ 3.99 /mo
Perfect for social media enthusiasts.


Allowed Profiles5
No limits on follows/unfollows
$ 6.99 /mo
Ideal for early stage startups.


Allowed Profiles100
No limits on follows/unfollows
$ 99.99 /mo
The go-to plan for agencies.

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