How to use Pinterest to drive more traffic and revenue

A good friend of mine is a writer. She has been writing short stories and thought-provoking articles. I motivated her to start a website for her blogs. She excitedly took up the challenge of learning the art of blogging. But even after a couple of months, I saw there was not many visiting her website. I could sense[…]


Top four reasons why you must schedule your Pinterest pins

Are you a businessman and have a Pinterest page? Are you waiting for something unique to manage and schedule your pins? If so then you are at the right place. Many of us wonder, as to how uploading pictures can increase business. So before actually scheduling pins, one needs to know how it works. How[…]

pinterest marketing guide

Novice’s guide to Pinterest marketing

Are you fed up of the setback in business? Are you unhappy with the marketing endeavour? Do you want to take over the marketing part of your business, but running short of time? Pinterest is the solution to all your problems. This article is a guide for the starters to know the benefits of Pinterest in online[…]

Find Pinterest unfollowers

How to use Snapchum to find out who unfollowed you on Pinterest

Finding out your recent Pinterest unfollowers with Snapchum is a cakewalk. Here’s a video compiled by one of our users –Carlton Bryant, which explains how to use Snapchum to find your Pinterest unfollowers. You can find all those who don’t follow you back on Pinterest and unfollow them if you wish.   Hope the video helps you[…]