How to use Pinterest to drive more traffic and revenue

A good friend of mine is a writer. She has been writing short stories and thought-provoking articles. I motivated her to start a website for her blogs. She excitedly took up the challenge of learning the art of blogging. But even after a couple of months, I saw there was not many visiting her website. I could sense that she was losing motivation but I din’t want to let her talent go in vain. I asked her to search the net and she learnt a lot about search engine optimisation and digital advertisement. But all these needed some kind of technical know-how and budget. She had neither.
It was then that I suggested her to use Pinterest to get more traffic to her website. She followed my advice and she never had to look back after that. She came to know about various marketing tools being used for this very purpose. Pinterest marketing when done properly can turn the fortunes for people like her.
A lot of the mundane tasks involved in Pinterest marketing can however be automated. For example one can automatically unfollow thousands of users who don’t follow them back thus maintaining an equilibrium between followers and following. More about Pinterest automation in coming paragraphs.
Ever since she is using Pinterest, the viewership and followings have increased manifolds. I picked up a few things which I will share with you guys which in turn will help increase the traffic to your website.

Complete guide to using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website
• The first and the most important thing to be keep in mind is to create a blog board just for your articles. The reason for doing so is to help your followers find your articles and blogs without any trouble. Also, name the title of your blog and that of the Pinterest blog board same.
Remember that when you write a blog post and pin it on the blog board, ensure to add a brief summary of the blog on the board.
If you add a few related images or videos, it surely does help create a visual stimulus.
Also, remember to provide a link directly to your website or blog post.
It makes a lot of sense to create boards according to the search categories and put your blog posts (if you have a wide variety of blog post on various topics). The use of keywords is yet another way to direct the search to your blog or website.
• Use as many images as possible to make your boards appealing. This is also true even when you want the visitors to read and not just look at the images. Hence, to have more and more people look at your pins and go back to the link you refer, pin high resolution good quality images.
• Now comes the fun part of engaging with your followers. To be consistent with your posts, to showcase good quality content on your pins will do this for you. Your followers will be getting a regular update on their feeds which will help in keeping your blog or pins fresh in their minds.
• Be courteous and follow your followers. This will help in giving you get an idea of what your followers like.
• Let’s now come to the next important point of how to actually make your pins visible to the outsider when they search. For this, ensure that the privacy setting of your account is allowing the search engines to index your  pin. Use hash tags in the pins so that they are easily indexed by Google search bots.
• You could also have pins with personal details such as your hobby, your favorite travel destination, etc. which you can share with your followers. Such details help you connect with the followers. They are able to relate to you.
• Just like any other media effect. You are likely to get the followers friends, relatives visit your blog if you create a positive impact through your well-executed pins and boards.
• To have the readers sharing your pins further with their friends and family, use the ‘Pin it’ button in your blogs.
According to Pinterest, the ‘Pin it’ button helps create a huge traffic back to your site. Make sure you have pinned this idea in your mind too.
Another idea to increase more followers to your site would be to have a contest on your site and promote the same on your board. You can also create a board specifically for such contests and keep updating with the results on the board.
Pinterest analytics helps you in getting a fairly good idea of your visitors, how they use the pins you post, and also helps you know which of your posts were the most followed.
While all the efforts are done to get maximum business and Pinterest followers towards your business, there are chances of some users wouldnot follow you back. ‘Snapchum’ finds those pinners who do not follow you back and then you can unfollow them from Pinterest. It also helps to schedule your pins. It is an important tool for every Pinterest user who desires to make the best use of time and automate Pinterest. Snapchum can be used not just to clean up one’s non-followers but also generate more revenue through Pinterest contests and repin campaigns.
Moreover, Snapchum can help in your Pinterest management so that you can be on the top of your business by applying the correct search engine optimisation tactics by suggesting proper hashtags and names. The right keywords will help rank higher in Google and take your business to higher levels.
A correct combination of the aforementioned ideas will greatly help get the right people visit your sites and generate revenue too.
The ‘likes’ for Pinterest is growing tremendously. It will make more sense than ever to evolve and incorporate changes which will help redirect more and more traffic towards your business.

Top four reasons why you must schedule your Pinterest pins

Are you a businessman and have a Pinterest page? Are you waiting for something unique to manage and schedule your pins? If so then you are at the right place. Many of us wonder, as to how uploading pictures can increase business. So before actually scheduling pins, one needs to know how it works.

How Pinterest works?

Pinterest is the third most widely used and popular social media sites in the USA. People need to register and manage a Pinterest board. It is basically meant to upload images and videos, so one need to find images from their site and upload on their Pinterest page. Once registered, individual needs to sign in and pin, as and when required. Pinning multiple times can bring traffic to your online store and hence increase your revenue. It is an amazing tool meant for the benefit of both buyer and sellers.

Reasons to schedule your pins!schedule-pins-on-pinterest

1) Widen your reach

If you are interested in business and want to attain heights, then strive hard to schedule your pins to reach to a large number of customers. It can be done by scheduling pins on desired time. For example if you are in India and targeting western crowd then schedule pins during their working hours or holidays. One can find prime time with the help of pin scheduling tool that recommends the best time for sharing pin. People repin often, during their prime time, therefore you can get multiple repins from your followers. Their followers repin as well, so you are benefited with a bump of repins and hence increased traffic.

2) Easy maintenance of the content

If your pins are scheduled then the maintenance of content becomes easy, systematic and fast. You can save a lot of time which you can utilise for more productive stuff like developing your product.

3) Pins during odd time

Sometime when you are sick, busy or involved with other commitments then scheduling pins maintain your presence automatically and hence you can cover your busy schedule, without any effort. It affects the psychology of customers.

4) Other social media sites can be utilised effectively. 

Popular social media sites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter etc. can be utilised for the promotion of product once pins are scheduled.

How to schedule pins?

You can schedule pins on Pinterest with the help of Snapchum. With the help of Snapchum, management of several Pinterest accounts, co-managing of one Pinterest profile becomes easy without sharing of password. One can make multiple managers for their Pinterest page. You are always welcome to invite your friends and colleagues to your Pinterest account, with the help of Snapchum.

Scheduling pins is very simple in Snapchum, where you just need upload images from your desktop or import images from a webpage and then choose the board to Pin to and tick the checkbox for scheduling and mention time, when you want your pin to be scheduled. Once you upload the pin, Snapchum will post it on to your Pinterest profile at your desired profile. You can schedule multiple pins at one time and be rest assured that Snapchum will take care of the rest.

Novice’s guide to Pinterest marketing

Are you fed up of the setback in business? Are you unhappy with the marketing endeavour? Do you want to take over the marketing part of your business, but running short of time?

Pinterest is the solution to all your problems. This article is a guide for the starters to know the benefits of Pinterest in online marketing.

Why Pinterest?

With more than 100 million visits per day, Pinterest has become the talk of the marketers, not at the personal rather professional level. It has been ranked third after Facebook and Twitter in terms of popularity. The beck and call service of Pinterest has made it famous within a span 4 years only. It can be used for both personal and business aspects.

How does it work?

Every website has a set pattern of working, so is true for Pinterest. One can create a pin board after registering in the site. Pin board is meant to showcase the images and videos of your products and services. This board allows people to browse the appealing stuff, pin and then like and leave comments. So it tries to build a one to one relationship with the followers or customers. Every click in the image leads to referral traffic to your website. It is suggested to use high quality good images for the purpose of attracting customers.

Optimise your pins

You can optimise your pins by adding keywords as hashtags in the description of the image. Try to mention your brand or company name. Add keywords in the board title for easy recognition by users. Try to follow influencers and Repin good quality images to get more exposure.

Keep a positive Follower-Following ratio

In order to get more Pinterest followers, you’ll need to follow others initially. In doing so you’ll end up following a lot more people than people following you back. However it clearly doesn’t look good on your Pinterest profile. So from time to time you should unfollow those who don’t follow you back.

Monitor your competition

Keep track of what your competitors are pinning and follow the trend. Check out their followers and follow them. It’s highly likely that those will follow you back. Thus you can save precious time by leveraging their hard work.

Benefits of Snapchum

In order to effectively manage Pinterest, you can use Snapchum. It can be utilised to save a lot of time and automate a lot of stuff mentioned above. Following are the benefits of Snapchum.

  1. Uploading pin: It can be used to pin multiple images without wasting much time.
  2. Save time: After scheduling the pins with the help of Snapchum - Pinterest management tool ( one can relax, as pining will be done on desired time. So if you are sick or busy during meeting, do not worry Snapchum will take care of your pin.
  3. Add team members: It is easy to add your team members on Snapchum without sharing Pinterest password. The steps are easy to follow and anyone can add friends and colleagues to their account who can manage your Pinterest profile on your behalf.
  4. Pinterest Follower management: It is very easy to manage your followers with Snapchum. You can find who don’t follow you back and unfollow them from a simple dashboard. 

There are many benefits of Pinterest that you will come to know after joining it. So if you suffering from low traffic in your online business and want to reach out to maximum crowd and keen for one to one relationship with your customers, then join Pinterest and Snapchum right now.

Why you must include Wanelo in your Social Media Marketing strategy

Internet is a boon for the modern world. People from different strata of the society are now aware of the importance of internet and online marketing. Every business is now using social media marketing to flourish in their domain, which is good for reaching to a larger section of the society. There are so many websites, online stores etc. but only a few provide a good medium for marketing and are able to attract traffic. High traffic means higher sales. One such effective medium is Wanelo.

Walnelo place is being used by many of the major ecommerce stores to mark their impressions on the online world. Wanelo was founded by Varshavaskya in US, who got fed up of shopping items from mainstream malls. She did not consider general malls, up to the standard. Therefore Wanelo with n number of brands and products was launched by her in 2012. It’s a belief in today’s world that those with a sharp mind use digital system holistically, to achieve the benefits of online marketing. Hence Wanelo is the first choice of many.

What is Wanelo?

Wanelo is a curation portal similar to Pinterest which is used by brands and indie sellers to showcase their products and services. This digital store has n number of stores and products. People can shop sitting at a place. One can shop resting on a bean bag and sipping coffee. There are a number of benefits using Wanelo in your social media marketing endeavour.


Wanelo Marketing

Why retailers should use Wanelo?

With retailer’s business, one can never come in direct contact of the customers, as far as feedback is concerned. So there are less chances of building interpersonal relationship, which is a necessity in business. Wanelo has the facility, to highlight the name of the owner, as representative of product, so your interaction with the customer becomes easy. It’s easy to observe the upcoming trends in Wanelo, resulting in a better understanding of fashion and hence good business.

Benefits of using Wanelo in social media endeavour

Official registration: By using Wanelo for your business you are able to establish an authentic store with registration. Once joined, you can recommend your products and over and above the users of wanelo can follow your products and recommendations. Wanelo presence is known to increase the traffic in your personal page.

Easy interface: The navigation in Wanelo is extremely easy and simple therefore it is easy for the user to search the products by using hash tags. One can easily link his profile page to different social sites like facebook, websites, blogs etc.

Sharing for promotion: Each page has sharing buttons for FB, twitter, google + etc. People can use these share buttons for sharing their products and pages.

Easy operation: It is very easy for the users to check in and scroll through different stores in Wanelo. One can find list of recommended products by categories and occasion on the sidebar which makes the shopping extremely easy.

With the advent of new technology and fast forward world people now believe in utilising time rather wasting it. So if you are an owner of a store and waiting for the best marketing option then you must include Wanelo in social media marketing endeavour.


How to use Snapchum to find out who unfollowed you on Pinterest

Finding out your recent Pinterest unfollowers with Snapchum is a cakewalk. Here’s a video compiled by one of our users -Carlton Bryantwhich explains how to use Snapchum to find your Pinterest unfollowers. You can find all those who don’t follow you back on Pinterest and unfollow them if you wish.


Hope the video helps you in using Snapchum to find Pinterest unfollowers and grow your network.

Snapchum holiday season offers

The holiday season is here and so is the season of gifting. What better way can there be to end the year than giving your dear ones a gift which will be helpful for them in the new year. To celebrate this holiday season we from Snapchum team have come up with attractive offers which you can avail with a few clicks and add to your Pinterest marketing strategy.

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How to leverage Pinterest for promoting your Etsy products

Internet is the back bone of the modern world. We eat, jog, walk, talk and sleep with internet. Be it work station or home we Pinterest tips for etsy sellersare on internet, with online status every time. Time has changed and world is developing at a faster rate and so is the online market places. Gone are the days when we used to stand in a queue to buy even a small product. Now the scenario is different. People buy things online just by a single click.

Etsy is one such online store, where people can buy a wide variety of products from brands or indie sellers. Etsy is very common in the western world and gradually encroaching the Asian market as well. There are a lots of indie stores on Etsy and every store has multiple items to offer. But as true with any online business, it’s crucial to get traffic to your store for success. Pinterest is a great medium to drive free social traffic to your Etsy store and increase conversions. So it is important to understand how to effectively use Pinterest for promoting your Etsy store.

Pinterest and Etsy

Etsy and Pinterest is considered to be the best collaboration in marketing world. With the help of Pinterest one can prepare a board of his product’s images for better discoverability and promotion. Etsy sellers can utilise Pinterest to enhance online marketing and business.

How to leverage Pinterest for promoting your Etsy products?

  • Pin routinely: Sincerity is required in any of the business and likewise, it is required in Pinterest. One should pin at least once in a day. One can pin multiple stories, diverting from his own products. Story telling can also be done by using Etsy products.
  • Keep an eye on competitor’s pins: Always pay heed to other’s pins. Try to understand why and how they have pinned. What are the intricacies they have pondered on? Therefore try to learn from other pinners.
  • Prepare an attractive board: Preparation of attractive board on Pinterest helps to get more Pinterest followers. Not only the images but the description of the Pin is also very important which plays a crucial role in Pinterest search algorithm.
  • Update your followers regularly: Try to be more active on Pinterest. Like other sites one needs to engage himself with his friends and followers by original and relevant content.
  • Keep SEO in mind: The description and hashtags used in a pin play a very important role in SEO which can be optimised to be  indexed by Google. Pins should be searchable.
  • Create Pinterest contests: Driving traffic is necessary for the performance of the site. You can create a Pinterest contest to drive traffic to your store from Pinterest.
  • Preparation of individual board: Your Etsy products should be pinned to different boards based on category of product to make them more easily discoverable. The board should have clear and intuitive name, so that it is easy in search.
  • Use Pin It button: These are small things but helps in to leverage Pinterest for your Etsy products. Pin it button is very important and reminds the user to share the product with their followers. Pins can fetch a great deal viral traffic to the site. There are other social media sharing tools like, which is used to market and manage your products on Pinterest. There are many online stores utilising Snapchum as their social media publishing tool.

Hope you liked the post. Leave your feedback in the comments section and don’t forget to share with your friends.