Top four reasons why you must schedule your Pinterest pins

Are you a businessman and have a Pinterest page? Are you waiting for something unique to manage and schedule your pins? If so then you are at the right place. Many of us wonder, as to how uploading pictures can increase business. So before actually scheduling pins, one needs to know how it works.

How Pinterest works?

Pinterest is the third most widely used and popular social media sites in the USA. People need to register and manage a Pinterest board. It is basically meant to upload images and videos, so one need to find images from their site and upload on their Pinterest page. Once registered, individual needs to sign in and pin, as and when required. Pinning multiple times can bring traffic to your online store and hence increase your revenue. It is an amazing tool meant for the benefit of both buyer and sellers.

Reasons to schedule your pins!

1) Widen your reach

If you are interested in business and want to attain heights, then strive hard to schedule your pins to reach to a large number of customers. It can be done by scheduling pins on desired time. For example if you are in India and targeting western crowd then schedule pins during their working hours or holidays. One can find prime time with the help of pin scheduling tool that recommends the best time for sharing pin. People repin often, during their prime time, therefore you can get multiple repins from your followers. Their followers repin as well, so you are benefited with a bump of repins and hence increased traffic.

2) Easy maintenance of the content

If your pins are scheduled then the maintenance of content becomes easy, systematic and fast. You can save a lot of time which you can utilise for more productive stuff like developing your product.

3) Pins during odd time

Sometime when you are sick, busy or involved with other commitments then scheduling pins maintain your presence automatically and hence you can cover your busy schedule, without any effort. It affects the psychology of customers.

4) Other social media sites can be utilised effectively. 

Popular social media sites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter etc. can be utilised for the promotion of product once pins are scheduled.

How to schedule pins?

You can schedule pins on Pinterest with the help of Snapchum. With the help of Snapchum, management of several Pinterest accounts, co-managing of one Pinterest profile becomes easy without sharing of password. One can make multiple managers for their Pinterest page. You are always welcome to invite your friends and colleagues to your Pinterest account, with the help of Snapchum.

Scheduling pins is very simple in Snapchum, where you just need upload images from your desktop or import images from a webpage and then choose the board to Pin to and tick the checkbox for scheduling and mention time, when you want your pin to be scheduled. Once you upload the pin, Snapchum will post it on to your Pinterest profile at your desired profile. You can schedule multiple pins at one time and be rest assured that Snapchum will take care of the rest.

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