How to leverage Pinterest for promoting your Etsy products

Internet is the back bone of the modern world. We eat, jog, walk, talk and sleep with internet. Be it work station or home we Pinterest tips for etsy sellersare on internet, with online status every time. Time has changed and world is developing at a faster rate and so is the online market places. Gone are the days when we used to stand in a queue to buy even a small product. Now the scenario is different. People buy things online just by a single click.


Etsy is one such online store, where people can buy a wide variety of products from brands or indie sellers. Etsy is very common in the western world and gradually encroaching the Asian market as well. There are a lots of indie stores on Etsy and every store has multiple items to offer. But as true with any online business, it’s crucial to get traffic to your store for success. Pinterest is a great medium to drive free social traffic to your Etsy store and increase conversions. So it is important to understand how to effectively use Pinterest for promoting your Etsy store.

Pinterest and Etsy

Etsy and Pinterest is considered to be the best collaboration in marketing world. With the help of Pinterest one can prepare a board of his product’s images for better discoverability and promotion. Etsy sellers can utilise Pinterest to enhance online marketing and business.

How to leverage Pinterest for promoting your Etsy products?

  • Pin routinely: Sincerity is required in any of the business and likewise, it is required in Pinterest. One should pin at least once in a day. One can pin multiple stories, diverting from his own products. Story telling can also be done by using Etsy products.
  • Keep an eye on competitor’s pins: Always pay heed to other’s pins. Try to understand why and how they have pinned. What are the intricacies they have pondered on? Therefore try to learn from other pinners.
  • Prepare an attractive board: Preparation of attractive board on Pinterest helps to get more Pinterest followers. Not only the images but the description of the Pin is also very important which plays a crucial role in Pinterest search algorithm.
  • Update your followers regularly: Try to be more active on Pinterest. Like other sites one needs to engage himself with his friends and followers by original and relevant content.
  • Keep SEO in mind: The description and hashtags used in a pin play a very important role in SEO which can be optimised to be  indexed by Google. Pins should be searchable.
  • Create Pinterest contests: Driving traffic is necessary for the performance of the site. You can create a Pinterest contest to drive traffic to your store from Pinterest.
  • Preparation of individual board: Your Etsy products should be pinned to different boards based on category of product to make them more easily discoverable. The board should have clear and intuitive name, so that it is easy in search.
  • Use Pin It button: These are small things but helps in to leverage Pinterest for your Etsy products. Pin it button is very important and reminds the user to share the product with their followers. Pins can fetch a great deal viral traffic to the site. There are other social media sharing tools like, which is used to market and manage your products on Pinterest. There are many online stores utilising Snapchum as their social media publishing tool.

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